Welcome to the family

We welcome the 1800S to the fold.


1/3/20231 min read

I just took delivery of a 1966 Volvo 1800S and am looking forward to the ownership experience. It was a Arizona car and has a 2.0 liter B20 swapped in with dual SU carbs. The original 1.8 liter B18 is included as well. Mileage is unknown, but the car is in good condition and is reported to drive well. 4 speed manual with overdrive, white on red (with black seats), not perfect but not rusty. I bought the car from a crrraaigslist ad (the horror!). The prior owner had numerous pictures, but little else from his ten year ownership. I accepted it at offer price, as-is and unseen in real life. A car this old, in the shape it is in, for the price they were asking (a fair price that showed the effects of covidflation), would not last long.

I had been looking for several years for 1800s, and in that time I've seen half a dozen in this price range. None even came close to the clean body this car displays. While I don't know if it has lived it's entire lift out west (not likely), the body seems very clean and only shows surface rust in a few areas. A poor paintjob begs attention. The interior seems mostly original and in need of restoring.

I am excite.